Back it up Buddy!

As I have been afraid would happen as I blog, my fingers have moved faster than my mind.  I would be leaving too much out if I failed to go back and add a few things that in retrospect had a HUGE impact in my adult life.

I am returning back to my adolescent years.  I did as most young boys did at this age, I played sports, I fished, I hunted, I camped and trapped along the river I grew up on.  I also had a very deep and dirty secret that I kept hidden from everyone in my life.  I continued to view pornography, terrible, hardcore porn.  Most would think or wonder where I could find such porn in rural Texas, but as I mentioned in my “clubhouse” blog, I had found my stepdads stash, soon I found my grandfathers stash as well, and it was endless.

My grandfather taught me a lot as a kid.  He provided a house for my mom and brother and sister and me when mom divorced my stepdad, but looking back now, I realize that he too was ruled by addictions.  His addiction to porn was uncontrollable.

In my grandfathers closet I could find magazines in the early years and then videos as VHS came around.  One of the heaviest burdens of shamed that I carried after S and mines recovery was the fact that I brought several of these videos into our early homes as we were first married.  If any young husbands are reading this blog please let me cry out to you to NEVER allow this to happen.  Never allow Satan into your home, into the place that should be sacred to you and your bride like I did, and if you have and you expect any hope for your marriage then get it out of your home NOW.  Get it out of your home and you and your wife pray together and close any doors that it opened for the evil one.



2 thoughts on “Back it up Buddy!

  1. Dr. Elisabeth

    Porn is everywhere. Whether you want to keep it out or not…it is there. If you close your eyes for it or shut your doors you can never go anywhere. Music videos, some parties (see my post on vomiting in my mound a bit). You can not start an old fashioned book burning as we have cyber space.

    What we can do is educate people and show them healthy loving and healthy sexual relationships. Teach them about the falseness in porn and about alternatives that educate about love and honesty and honour and loyalty.
    The most brave thing is to talk openly about how it affected you in a negative way.

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    1. firengasmarriagerescue Post author

      As we visit with couples we encourage then to get what ever is in their homes….out! It only invites Satan into their home and marriage. You may not have read all of our blogs thus far. You may not have control outside of your home but you do inside your walls.

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