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Saving lives while throwing one away


Meanwhile, back at the firehouse, life was grand.  I had settled into my crew I was learning more and more everyday and was turning into a legend in my own mind.  I was married to my kindergarten sweetheart who was a gorgeous woman, I was enrolled in an EMS class, furthering my medical training, and had great brothers at the firehouse that I spent a third of my days with.

As my medical training continued, I was required to spend a certain amount of hours doing rotations as a student at hospitals in various departments.  It was during one of these rotations that another female student I was in class with asked me to go home with her.

S and I were young, and as I have wrote in the past, both came from broken homes.  She didn’t know how to be a wife and I certainly didn’t know how to be a husband, as nobody had ever taught us. Things were rocky around our home from time to time, as I’m sure they are with any new marriage. We would fight and argue over petty, simple things.  Things that didn’t matter. Unfortunately all I knew was pornography and how those women looked and acted and the things they did.  This is what I thought a wife was supposed to do, this is how I thought I should be treated because I was so prideful and selfish that I thought I deserved these things.  I accepted the invitation from this woman, 20 plus years older than me, diving into the first of many affairs just over a year into our marriage.

This was a very short lived relationship, as S became suspicious, and class came to an end, but the damage had been done, the path to darkness had been taken, and a road that took over twenty years to get off of was being traveled.


Bathrooms and blogs…life continues

In our married life we have accepted that we do not live a normal life, as you readers will learn more about in future blogs.  However, for the last week we have experienced normalcy in the form of a leaky pipe that destroyed our master bathroom, forcing us into a remodel that we decided to take on ourselves. Life has continued…as normal.

On with the story.  S and i continued to date, I think that we would both agree that we actually “courted”.  We talked for hours on the phone together, I would drive to her house and actually go inside before taking her on a date.  We would go on “real” dates, to real places and we enjoyed each others company.

S is a year younger than I am so she had a year left in high school after I graduated.  I knew that I was going to attend fire recruit training but had to wait for my class to come up so I worked a few construction jobs and eventually started a small business of my own selling firewood.  During this time I don’t remember having many struggles, I just remember continuing to fall in love with S more and more.  I wanted nothing more in life than to marry S and be a fireman.

I attended recruit school about 3 hours from home, but would come home every weekend to be with my love.  I enjoyed recruit training, learning the fire service, how to fight fire and life in the fire station.  I really enjoyed spending time and loving S.

I knew that S was “the one”, I asked her to marry me and to my amazement, she said “yes”.  I continued in my training and preparing to begin searching for a firefighting job and she began planning a wedding.  I was to graduate fire school in March, and our wedding date was set for the anniversary of the day we met, April 26th, so I made up my mind to take the first job.  I graduated on a Friday and tested the next Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, and was offered a job with a fire department in a town of about 18,000.  I was so happy.  I couldn’t wait for my adult married life to begin, but I had many, many demons from my past lurking, waiting for their chance to steal mine and my new bride’s happiness.